Hey Leilehua Complex Schools! If you are supporting Agriculture learning, we want you to Compete in our first Grow It/Make It Contest at the Wahiawā Pineapple Festival.

Bring your BEST Manoa Lettuce (2 submissions please). Judges gonna judge. THEN, your Principal will have 1/2 hour to turn your lettuce into a spectacular dish! (Principals cannot spend more than $20)

Separate prizes for the best lettuce and the best dish will be awarded, and one grand prize based on a combined score will be awarded.


@ the Pineapple Festival
1:00 PM Start Time


If you have any questions contact, Darin Uesugi at 808-382-8066 or at support@pineapplefestival.org.


Only Leilehua Complex schools are eligible.

Lettuce must be the Manoa Lettuce variety and seeds are available from District Resource, Grant Toyooka. Thank you to Dole for the seeds.

Two heads of lettuce should be submitted for judging. Criteria includes, appearance, crispness, and taste. After judging, these two heads of lettuce will be used to make the dish in the Make It portion of the contest.

The schoolʻs principal or authorized administrator must participate in the Make It section of this contest.

Your principal will have 1/2 hour to create a dish using your schoolʻs lettuce entry. Principals can use any ingredients but total cost of added ingredients should not exceed $20.

Completed dishes will be judged.

Awards will be given to the best example of grown Manoa Lettuce and the best prepared dish. A grand prize will be awarded to the best overall school (based on combined points from both portions of the contest).

In the case of a tie, judges will break the tie in a manner of their choosing. Judging scores will not be shared, and the ruling of the judges is final.

There is no entry cost to participate.